David Klaus

Day: March 24, 2019


Back in the days in 2018 after my graduation I had a full time job in a factory as assistant…


In this article I will breakdown an illustration I made. It shows a abstract lava…

Netzapplaus Rebranding Thumbnail

Branding Netzapplaus Rebranding Netzapplaus is an online agency specializing in startups, where I was employed in remote. I redesigned the look of the brand and designed a new website. I’ve created all the illustrations and icons for the page using Adobe Illustrator.

Levlup Screendesign Thumbnail

SCREENDESIGN LevlUp Website Screendesign LevlUp is a start up, which offers the first booster only for gamers in Germany. During my work at “Netzapplaus” I had the task to redesign the whole website of Levlup. The website includes an online shop and should get a dark and delicious look.

Fun Pro Branding Thumbnail

Fun Pro is a family business based in Hamburg (DE), which sells high quality children’s scooters. I create all sorts of graphics and illustrations for their promotional materials. I’am also involved in the product design and operate the website.