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The legend of David & Golliath

Sooner or later every freelancer will face this situation: Your client doesn’t want to pay. The reasons can be debatable, different and weird, but in the end it fucking doesn’t matter because you invested time and the client have to pay the price for it. End of the story. Because this is what your parents should have tought you, but maybe they’re assholes too. I don’t want to judge anyone.

It doesn’t matter if the client doesn’t like the result or the work or whatever. You take the risk of a freelancer so handle it and pay for him when you decide to work with him, but haha YOU also have many risks as self-employed freelancer, you always have risks man! Cool, thanks for this advice.

Avoid assholes

The only way to avoid this situation is: Don’t work with assholes. Obviously, but only well meant. Sometimes it’s hard to find out if you’re client is an asshole. Sometimes they seem nice and friendly. After the first hint, that reveals that your client is one of these people, leave. It’s not worth it. There are enough nice people out there, who pay for your work.

Why am I writing this?

Some weeks ago I had similar situations.Here is a little insight for you, which is probably one of my top 3 freelance moments too. I worked a whole month, we made a deal and in the end he just wanted to pay the half of it. (Yeah actually he didn’t want to pay me at all because of a random review on a job portal I never heard of. I didn’t know that such people really exists back in the days when I decided to become a freelancer.) Some people said something like yeah you should get a lawyer or something like huh why you didn’t set up a contract with him? Because it’s not worth it. The contract only means safety for the client, never for the freelancer, because this is how it goes in industry. Even if there are things that help you. They’re useless words in the end. First, make this experience. Then we can talk again.

If you think you’re safe with a peace of paper, go for it. Make a contract, go to court and take the risk of losing a lot of money and time. Spoiler: It’s not like on TV.

Especially for young freelancers like me. Except you’re one of the rare designer people who have the money to win a lawsuit against a big company with a team of lawyers. If your client doesn’t want to pay you, he or she won’t. Without any concequences.

All in all

The one with more endurance, time and money wins. Surprise, you’re still the loser. Trust is the most important thing when you do freelance. Don’t work for everyone. Search for trustful business partners to work with on a long-term basis. It is obviously more fun and it makes your freelance life a little easier and less stressful. Or you get payed in advance. The fact that the majority don’t do that because of risks is not so important for now. The main thing is that I mentioned this possibility too.

Why David & Golliath? Honestly, no idea. The long awaited plot twist doesn’t come. The little one loses. So you. Imagination and reality and so on.
Do not be stupid and hold yourself back when it comes to this. Stay true to yourself and stick to your money and don’t sell your work under value, but yeah choose your clients wisely.
Sometimes you think you have no choice, but you have one.

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