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Making Of: “30 Pokémon Illustrations”

Hey, awesome that you found here! My intention behind this whole blog thing is to give an insight into my projects for every designer and non-designer, who is interested in what I do. Maybe I can give you some tips, motivation or inspiration for future projects and whatnot. If yo have any questions after you’ve read this blog, don’t hesitate to ask me via tumblr. I will try my best to answer your question!

30 Pokémon Illustrations Header

Pascal’s Pokémon project inspired and motivated me to create some cool Pokémon illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. I planned to finish this project in one month but in the end it took me five months. You might wonder why and that’s the reason I created this blog. To show you my process behind the illustrations and every considerable amount of work that went into the project.

Making Of Header 30 Pokémon Illustrations

In the end of August 2016 everything started with a tweet, in which I asked for the favourite Pokémon of my followers. In the end I gathered around 30 different Pokémon. Right after I made a list of all the Pokémon I received, I started with sketching them in Adobe Photoshop.

30 Pokémon Names List
30 Pokémon Sketches

Actually I planned to do Growlithe as last Pokemon, instead of Larvitar and I already sketched Growlithe in Photoshop, but however in the last minute my little brother asked me why there wasn’t a Larvitar in the list. Fukano was anyway not as exciting as Larvitar, because I already had Arcanine in the list. My assumption for illustrating the Larvitar was that he had to sketch it.

Larvitar Sketch

After I finished every of the 30 Pokémon Sketches, I just began with illustrating them in Adobe Illustrator.

I had a lot of fun creating those illustrations. To give you a better picture of my workflow and the time I invested, I want to show you my workflow based on one of my (in my opinion) best Pokémon illustration Flygon.

Process of Flygon

On average I worked 2h on every illustration, without the sketch. As you may have already seen I’ve recorded the process and made a speedart.

The first thing you see in the speedart is the intro with the circling and flashing Pokédex. The Pokedéx design is from the Kalos Region. Because I didn’t find a good 3D model of it, I decided to make it by my own (always the best way to become better and try to make your project more original). You can download the model here. It’s not the best model, but it is enough to make something like the intro.

Breakdown 30 Pokemon Illustrations Speedart Intro

The next thing I want to show you more precisely are the overlays in the speedart. It’s the longest speedart I’ve ever made and because speedarts are generally not really exciting (even for me, you should’t feel bad about it). I tried to make it as exciting as I could. I do not expect you to watch the whole video but I wanted to make it special so nobody can say it’s not cool at all.

Making Of Speedart Pokedex

For the trailer of the project I worked in Photoshop and After Effects. I can’t say much about the work process, because there is not a special work step. But because I still want to show you a bit of my workflow I uploaded some screenshots.

Behind the Scenes 30 Pokémon Illustrations Trailer
Behind the Scenes 30 Pokémon Illustrations Trailer 2
Behind the Scenes 30 Pokémon Illustrations Trailer 3

After the Speedart was done in November, 2016 I got the great idea to animate Snorunt. After I finished it obviously wanted to do the same for all of the other 29 Pokémon illustrations because it makes it all more exciting and interesting than just kind of boring illustrations. Because I had exams in winter I didn’t work a lot on the project at that time but I just recently finished the animations about one week ago.

I’ll show you the workflow of the Relaxo Animation because I really like the outcome. I can’t really share every step with you because that would take way to long for me to write and for you to read but if you have any specific question on this or the other animations don’t hesitate to ask me! If there is a big demand I might even make a small making of.

Relaxo Making Of 1

For every animation in After Effects, I had to edit the character in Photoshop so the parts I want to move are seperated from each other. Because I didn’t know that I want to make some animations before I finished the illustrations, so I just illustrated what we see in the end and not what we see when the body parts move. I made the eyes of Relaxo retrospectively in Photoshop too.

Relaxo Making Of 2

The animation of the body parts are simply keyframed as you can see here.Even the breath is just an animated scaling parameter in Adobe After Effects.

Relaxo Making Of 3
Relaxo Making Of 4

The Making Of is almost finished. I just want to show you the amount of work that went into the Behance Project. For the Pokéon Card image in my Behance project I used a business card mockup [LINK]. My idea was to create typical Pokémon Illustrations with the illustrations I did and make it cooler with some effects in Adobe Photoshop.

30 Pokémon Illustrations Card Making Of

In the end I can say it was a very cool project and it was a lot of fun to create. My goal was to surpass myself and I think I reached that goal. I hope to see you soon again with a new project of mine.

Making Of Turtok Illustration
Making Of Enton Animation
Making Of Enton Animation 2

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog entry and maybe you got some new inspiration for your next projects. If you have any questions about this project or other projects, don’t hesitate to ask me.

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