David Klaus

Making Of: “Bears & Roses”

In this making of blog I’ll tell you everything about this project except for the trailer video. I did this illustration as a christmas gift in a few days and went through a hard last night because I honestly started to late and christmas was only a few hours away. To be honest I should’ve started earlier to receive a better print quality. I’m not quite happy with the result of the print but at least the illustration is cool.

The small illustration was made with an image as a template and I tried to balance intricate details and simple shapes for the embroidery. If you want to make such embroideries you should search for embroidery experts or textile printers in your town. You should keep in mind that embroideries are often very expensive, be sure to ask your embroidery artist about a rough price range before he starts doing his job so you won’t get a bad suprise when he tells you the final price for your piece.

I already got the idea for the illustration of the backprint a few months ago. First of all I went through many Behance projects and collected my favorites in a moodboard to get some inspiration for my idea. I can recommend this method for everyone who wants to start with illustrating. Try out as many styles you can and learn new ways to illustrate so you can visualize everything you can imagine. Because of the included Rilakkuma character I tried to add an anime like touch to the illustration.

The sketch was made in a few hours but the roses took quite a long time but I still was not happy with how the sketch came out. Honestly I looked out for a tutorial on wikihow on how to create a good illustration of a rose. I tried to use the technique I learned from it to draw the other roses in the big illustration but since it was too much work so I decided to look at references from real roses. I tried to understand the anatomy of roses and ended up sketching them the way I wanted to. Especially when you illustrate in a non photorealistic way, you can draw by feeling until it looks good. The undo command was one of my best friends while creating even a single blossom so don’t be afraid of failing a few times.

After that I went on to adding color, shadows, highlights and some details like in my „30 Pokémon Illustrations“ project, just not as clean and without symmetry. Instead of just mirroring the roses from one side to the other I created one side at first and then used the single elements of that to create the other side to randomize the illustration, as a friend of mine suggested. In the following image you can see how the illustration evolved step by step.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog entry and maybe you got some inspiration for your next projects. If you have any questions about this or other projects don’t hesitate to contact me.

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